Commissioned Work

Commission agreements offer a great challenge for me as an artist. At the same time, I must not only work to my satisfaction, but must also satisfy you who have commissioned the work. This creates a delicate balance between creativity and approval, a balance that must be maintained throughout the execution of the work.
Close cooperation and communication between the artist and the purchaser reduces any potential for discord.
Technology being what it is today, this commission agreement is the best I’ve found.
Please read through the steps I use and see if they are agreeable to you. As you are reading, please write down any questions you may have about the process. Then print these pages and contact me by email or phone.
If you want me to render a commission for you, I will email you a contract that we will fill out over the phone. We can discuss your photo choice, how it will be positioned on the paper, the general time frame that it will take to complete the commission and other particulars at that time.
David-and-Doc (1)
"David n' Doc"
After you are satisfied that all questions have been answered, mail the contract signed and a 30% deposit (and the photo(s) if you are not e-mailing them) to the address listed on my contact page. I will contact you by phone or e-mail at the receipt of the contract, sign and copy it, and mail you a copy for your records with a receipt for the deposit.

The Process

  • I do my work on Arches 140 lb. hot pressed watercolor paper. This is the best paper for rendering detail on skin, hair, clothing, metal, glass and animals. It will not buckle when very black pencil is applied in layers and will not fade with time. All my work is drawn using high quality graphite pencil with 19 differentiated degrees of softness and hardness.
  • I will initially sketch the piece, photograph it using my digital camera, and e-mail (or mail it to you for your approval.). When I receive your go-ahead, I will continue to render the portrait from top to bottom, taking care not to smear the work.
"Lookin' Smart"
  • I will take another digital picture when I finish the eyes, nose, and mouth (same with an animal) and send it for your next approval.
  • The final digital picture will be taken when I feel the piece is finished (unless specified otherwise in the contract) and I will send that for the final approval. I will make any changes needed, photo and send for your approval again and when that approval is approved, I will spray the piece with a fixative that will protect it. I can’t change or erase anything after the spray, so this final approval is crucial.
  • I then wait for your final payment of the remaining 70%, and mail it to you in a manner we have agreed on in the contract.
My best advertisement is a satisfied purchaser, and word of mouth recommendations are greatly appreciated. Feel free to give out my name, website address, email address and/or phone number to anyone who is interested in a portrait or in seeing any of my other work. I will be happy to send you my business cards or brochures.